A. New Construction Projects Completed / Ongoing

S.No. Location Cost (SR)
Construction of Al Raka Branch
2. Construction of Al Mazrouyah Branch xxx
3. Construction of Al Munaizla Branch xxx
4. Construction of Al Muraikabat Branch xxx
5. Construction of Aflaj Branch xxx
6. Construction of Domat Al Jandal Branch xxx
7. Construction of Khamees Musheet Branch xxx
8. Construction of South Ring Road Branch, Riyad xxx
9. Construction of Shabibi Ladies Branch, Al Khobar xxx
10. Renovation of Riyad Bank Safwa Branch, xxx
11. Renovation of Riyad Bank Sulaiware House xxx
(In large)

B. Completed Construction Projects

S.No. Location Cost (SR)
Construction of Khafji Branch at Khafji
2. Construction of Shuhada Branch at Taif xxx
3. Construction of Kakiya Branch at Makkah xxx
4. Construction of Khobar Ladies Branch at Khobar xxx
(In large)
(In large)
C. Renovation Projects
S.No. Location Cost (SR)
Renovation of Riyadh Bank Naval Base at Jubail
2. Renovation of CCU Amir Mohammad Building at Dammam xxx
3. Renovation of Riyadh Bank Hafouf Branch, at Hafouf xxx
4. Renovation of K.K.M.C. Branch at Haffer-Al-Batan xxx
5. CC Units at Buadiah, Madinah, Abha, Jeddah & Dammam xxx
6. Renovation of Abha Regional Office xxx
7. CC Units at different 9 Locations xxx
8. Renovation of Hafouf Industrial Area Branch at Hafouf xxx
9. Renovation of King Abdul Aziz Branch at Khobar xxx
10. Renovation of Jerda Branch at Burida xxx
11. Renovation of KFMC branch at Kamees Masheet xxx
12. Renovation of Saihat Br. Eastern Province at Saihat. xxx
13. Renovation of Dhahran Street Br. at Al Hasa. xxx
14. Renovation of Amir Mohammad Br. at Dammam xxx
15. Renovation of Otabia Branch at Makkah xxx
16. Renovation of Amwaj Branch at Riyadh xxx
17. Renovation of Dammam Main Branch at Dammam xxx
18. Golden Services IBN-e-Khaldoon Branch at Dammam. xxx
19. Tabuk Golden Services at Tabuk xxx
20. Makrona Golden Services at Jeddah xxx
21. Renovation of Tajheez Branch at Riyadh xxx
22. Renovation of Tabuk branch at Tabuk xxx
23. Renovation of Tadwal Regional Office at Dammam. xxx
24. Golden services Olayah Branch at Riyadh xxx
25. Renovation of Al-Dawadmi Branch at Dawadmi xxx
26. Renovation of BIN Salman Call Centre xxx
27. Renovation of Tajheez Branch at Jeddah xxx
(In large)
(In large)
(In large)

D.      Supply & Installation


1.         Installed Emergency Lights in Riyadh Bank’s 180 Branches (All over the kingdom).

(In large)
(In large)
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